SVN Admin@Schorsch

As an admin on the SVN server “Schorsch” there is no need to add repositories or users manually via the default svn admin tool. You just follow 3 simple steps:

  • Log on “Schorsch”.
  • Log in as user “subversion” on the command line:
su subversion
  • Supposed you want to create a new repository named “newrepo”. Supposed there is a user “user@th-nuernberg.de”, who should get access to the new repo. Then you type on the command line:
./svnaddrepo.sh newrepo user@th-nuernberg.de
  • If you want to grant another user access to the repo, just type the command line again for the other user:
./svnaddrepo.sh newrepo anotherone@th-nuernberg.de

The information how to access the repository is emailed automatically to the address of each added user.

An example email from the SVN server to the added user:

A subversion account has been created for you @ schorsch.efi.fh-nuernberg.de.
The password of your SVN account xxxxxxxxxx@th-nuernberg.de is yyyyyyyy .
You can check out the repository zzzzzzzz via the following unix command:
  svn co --username=xxxxxxxxxx@th-nuernberg.de --password=yyyyyyyy svn://schorsch.efi.fh-nuernberg.de/zzzzzzzz

For more information on the corresponding svn server setup on “Schorsch”, see the svnserve tutorial.