PasswordAdmin HowTo

We add the following lines to the standard configuration of local/config.php of pmwiki:

## Enable authentication based on username
$AuthUser['@admins'] = array('Admin.User1', 'Admin.User2', ...);
$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = array( crypt('masterpass'), '@admins' );

This installs an admin user with dedicated password (encrypted from ‘masterpass’) and an admin user group. Each person in the admin group also has administrative privileges and is authenticated with a personal password for each user name.

To change the password of a person or add new users or groups we edit the SiteAdmin/AuthUser page. For detailed information about this see the pmwiki documentation. In short, this means that we add an encrypted password for each particular user, for example:

Admin.User1: 1qYsr2TfEw.frmuoUAE68XGFmNQBYn/

This is the encrypted version of the original plain text password ‘test’.

We can encrypt a password by adding the crypt action to a wiki url (by adding "?action=crypt"), for example:


As an alternative, the following line encrypts the plain text password directly when saving the edited password list:

 Admin.User1: (:encrypt password:)

We can add a user to a particular group by adding the following line:

@group: Admin.User1

We can also lock a particular page to be only visible for certain users. We do so by adding "?action=attr" to the url of the page. This brings up the permission screen for the particular page. Putting @lock in the read permission slot will make the page invisible for all users but the admins. Putting @group will make the page visible for the group members only.

The same applies for a whole group of pages. We can lock an entire group by adding "?action=attr" to the “GroupAttributes” page of the group and proceed as above.