Commonly Useful Hints for OpenSuse

Q How can I enable “Tap to Click” and Mouse Gestures?

To enable “tap to click” add the following line

Option "TapButton1" "1"

to the first “InputClass” section in


To enable “vertical two finger scroll” add

Option "VertTwoFingerScroll" "on"
Option "VertEdgeScroll" "on"

Hint: To edit the config file, type the following line in the unix shell:

 sudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf

Q How can I change the keyboard layout?

Goto the System Menu → Configure Desktop → Hardware → Input Devices → Keyboard. Then choose Layouts and add a language. For example “de” for a German layout. Then you will see a flag icon in the task bar, which indicates the actual selected keyboard layout.

Q How can I install additional software?

If you want to install the “Blender” Software, for example, you simply run the following command on the terminal:

 sudo zypper install blender

You can also search for blender with the “Software Managemant” tool and double click on the according package to install it.

Q How do I edit a plain text file?

Use kate or emacs

Q How do I make a screen shot?

Use ksnapshot

Q I cannot drag and drop files on my Desktop. How can I do that with KDE4 (4.7+)?

Right-click on the desktop, choose “Desktop Settings” and change the layout from “Standard Desktop” to “Folder View”.

Q How do I create a shortcut for a shell command on the desktop?

You have to provide a .desktop file for the command. Then the command will show up in the start menu, where you can add it to the desktop with a right click.

Example: We want to create a shortcut for glxgears. To do so we create the file “glxgears.desktop” in the ~/.local/share/applications/ folder:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=GLX Gears
GenericName=OpenGL performance test 
Comment=Displays information about the rendering frame rate of a simple OpenGL geometry

Q I do not see the graphical login screen, I do only have a text terminal, what do I do?

Login as root and switch to runlevel 5 via “init 5″.

Run level 3 is the text terminal, run level 4 is the text terminal /w network and run level 5 is the graphical interface.

If the graphical login does not show up automatically, you can start the login screen manually with “startx”.