Ohm-Stick (formerly EFI-Stick)


The Ohm-Stick is a live USB stick image based on the openSUSE linux distribution.

It can be downloaded and dumped onto a USB stick:

  • On linux you will have to make sure that the attached USB stick is not mounted, then you can do “dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdz bs=1M”, if your USB stick is available as /dev/sdz. Be careful, selecting the wrong device can nuke your harddisk! To find the appropriate USB device, see the output of “mount”.
  • For MacOS it is the same procedure, except that we do “diskutil list” to query the USB device - also see the Ohm-Stick How-To.
  • For Windows please propose according tools.
  • Please be sure that the USB stick has a sufficient transfer rate (read 30MB, write 10MB) and is boot-able.

Find the current development sources in our git repository. You will need a recent openSUSE distribution and kiwi for building it yourself, read the accompanying README for more information.

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  • USB-Stick Supplier:
    • DE-SOL-TW: 8GB, 30MB Read, 10MB Write, boot-able
    • mit Schlüsselanhänger und Logo-Druck 10.30 EUR incl. Gema-Gebühr und MwST