Requirements | | Testing

We need the following software packages (for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS):

Put all of the above packages into a new folder:

  • Uncompress the SDK tgz.
    • Start the SDK updater “tools/android” and choose to install the default packages.
    • Caution: Downloading will unpack to 20+ GB!
    • Get yourself a coffee. And another one…
  • Unzip the NDK package
    • Caution: Will unpack to 2+ GB!
  • Run the Qt installer
    • On the terminal type: chmod +x qt*.run; sudo ./qt*.run
    • This installs the Qt IDE to /opt/Qt-5.x
  • Install related tools:
    • sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk ant lib32z1 lib64z1 subversion

Now we are principally ready for Qt Creator, but we first perform a couple of tests.


  • as of March 2017, the SDK tools are no longer provided.
    • ** latest tools only version appears to be r25.2.5
  • More recent versions are installed is via Android Studio, but older versions of the SDK tools are still available via cmd line:

Requirements | | Testing