Qt Framework

Qt with DCMTK | | Introduction to ITK

The “Qt Framework” contains everything to start writing your own C++ medical visualization code. The frame work is based on Qt as graphical interface. Get it with Subversion as follows:

svn co svn://

To use the above frame work, the following dependencies need to be installed on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (which is the recommmended platform):

sudo apt-get install c++ cmake cmake-curses-gui subversion libqt4-dev freeglut3-dev

To enable DCTMK support in the qt-framework, we first need to download DCMTK 3.6.1 from here:

Then we compile and install DCMTK:

  • cmake -DDCMTK_WITH_ICU=OFF . && make && sudo make install

After that, we compile the qt-framework by typing the following one-liner:

  • cmake -DBUILD_WITH_DCMTK=1 . && make

Now we can either stick with the command line to work with the frame work or use an integrated development environment (IDE) such as QtCreator or KDevelop:

  • In KDevelop open the CMakeLists.txt file.
  • In QtCreator open the file.

For ease of development, the Qt class library documentation is either available online or available via the QtAssistant app. For the latter, just type:


Qt with DCMTK | | Introduction to ITK