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The PVM data format is an easy to read and implement volume file format for rapid prototyping purposes.

In the OSS $V^3$ package, tools are contained to convert that data into RAW format, to extract slices of the data to the PGM format (Portable Gray Map) and to replay the sequence of the cross sections contained in the PVM volume as a video.

The PGM format can be transferred into PNG, TIFF or any other practically useful image format with the ImageMagick tool set.

To build the VVV tools we type the following commands on the Unix terminal:

svn co vvv
cd vvv
cmake . && make

The pvmplay tool can be invoked as follows:

tools/pvmplay <volume.pvm>

Press space to start replaying the squence of cross sections as a “video stream”.
Press 1 and 2 to navigate to the next or previous “video frame”.

To extract a slice of the volume:

tools/pvmplay <volume.pvm> <slice number> <slice.pgm>

The ImageMagick software is available as binary installer through the software management systems of the respective Unix platform:

The “display” tool is the graphical user interface of ImageMagick.

display <slice.pgm>

ImageMagick also contains the “convert” tool to transfer images between different formats, e.g.:

convert <slice.pgm> <slice.png>



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