Medical Data

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Visualization in general deals either with

  • real data as output of sensor hardware

or either

  • virtual data as output of a software performing a physical simulation.

For medical data the patient is the data source, so simulated data does not play a role in medical visualization.

The term medical data defines all sorts of data collected by medical devices. This includes

  • sensors
  • images
  • monitoring
  • scanners
  • etc.

Data collected by those devices can be

  • 1D, 2D or 3D
  • time-dependent
  • multi-variate


  • 1D
  • Sensors
    • Blood pressure
    • Heart beat diagram
  • 2D
    • Sensors
      • Electrocardiogram
    • X-Ray

For this lecture we restrict ourselves to 3D medical (time-dependent) data and the corresponding visualization techniques tailored to the specific source of the medical data.

Visualization Examples | | 3D Medical Visualization?