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Hierarchical Modelling

With blender the principle of hierarchical modelling is achieved by determining parent-children relationships. Such a relationship is defined by selecting all the children and the parent as last object. Then the selected objects are grouped together under their parent.

Objects that have a parent can be still moved freely, but the modeling transformations are applied relative to the parent. So if the parent is moved, the children will move also. This behavior is illustrated by dotted lines connecting the parent its children. It is also illustrated in the object tree view, where each parent has its children grouped together building a hierarchical tree.


Blend file: Tisch.blend

To export the blender scene, select File → Export → Wavefront .obj. When exporting, make sure that “Triangulate Faces” is checked.

Obj file: Tisch.obj.gz

Now you can import the generated .obj file using the glVertex library as follows:

#include "glvertex.h"
lglVBO *vbo = lglLoadObj("filename.obj");

After that, rendering with OpenGL is easy:


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