Data Format

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As standard format for regular images the following data formats for memory-efficient storage have been established:

  • lossy
    • GIF (quantization to palette)
    • JPEG (DCT = discrete cosine transformation)
    • JPEG2000 (wavelets)
  • lossless

Beside the raw image data those formats store none to little meta data

  • PNG, TIFF: gamma
  • GEOTIFF: GPS tags
  • EXIF standard: GPS positions and capture settings of digital photos
  • etc.

For medical data patient information needs to be documented:

  • patient name, birthday, age and id
  • date of acquisition
  • metric resolution
  • doctor commentary and diagnosis
  • diagnosis follows standardized workflow with numerous steps that need to be documented

Also: Lossy compression is considered harmful due to potential misinterpretation.

To account for the medical requirements, there is a standardized format for medical imagery: DICOM.

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