Data Characteristics

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  • High resolution
  • Good consistency
  • Radiation exposure to live organisms
  • Fast detectors available with good noise-to-signal ratio
  • High mechanical precision of rotating gimble
  • Metal produces artifacts
  • Human tissue is reproduced poorly
  • Main application is imaging of bone structures
  • Scan trucks


  • Good Reproduction of tissue structures
  • Angiography with Gadolinum contrast agent
  • Low spatial resolution
  • Prone to noise
  • No absolute scale
  • Strong magnetic and electromagnetic field needs to be shielded
  • Loud
  • Main application is imaging of tissue and organ structures
  • Other physical properties like temperature and ion flow can be detected
  • Time series as side-effect


  • Functional Imaging
  • Radiative Contrast Agent
  • Very poor resolution

Data Overview | | Example Data