Axis Aligned Cross Section

Clip Plane Example | | Cross Section Example

Problem: Visualization of image stack requires interactive change of the orientation and/or position of a cross section.

Usage example:

  • Two axis aligned planes that are orthogonal to each other.


  • Volume function f(x,y,z) defined as 3D luminance texture in unit cube.
  • Cross section represented as axis-aligned plane through the volume.
  • Intersection of plane with with unit cube is a quadrilateral.
  • Graphics hardware rasterizes quadrilateral with data from the 3D texture.
  • Graphics hardware interpolates tri-linearily.


  • intuitive orthogonal positioning
  • intersection point of planes can be moved easily with the mouse
  • volumes resides in a single 3D Texture, not in multiple images


  • no arbitrary orientation of the cut planes
  • arbitrarily oriented planes result in a polygon with 3 to 6 points

Side note: The world is not a disc, stupid, it’s a unit cube!

Clip Plane Example | | Cross Section Example