Vessel Emphasis with ITK | | Angiography Example

Common clinical use of MRT: Angiography

  • Infusion of contrast agent (Gadolinum) in the blood stream.
  • Bolus = the part of the blood circulation, into which contrast agent has been induced.
  • Bolus starts moving through arteries into heart and lungs, the kidneys and extremities, then back through veins.
    • One circulation takes about 2–3min.
    • Contrast agent concentration is leveled out after a couple of circulations.
  • Delayed segregation through kidneys after about ca. 30min.

Time lapse of the contrast agent concentration for a fixed point at a arteries during the first cycle of the bolus:

Derived quantities from the time line of the contrast agent concentration:

  • MIPt = MIP over time
  • TTP = Time to Peak
  • WI = Wash in
  • WO = Wash out

Reduction from 4D to 3D, also called parameter map.

Vessel Emphasis with ITK | | Angiography Example