Lab Opening Hours

Students who work in computer laboratories of the TH Nuremberg need to sign to the Laboratory Rules.

For Media-Engineering studies the following laboratories are available:

Note: Opening hours and access regulations may be subject to change.

  • Project Lab BB202
    • Open during building opening hours (Mo-Fr: 06:00–22:00).
    • Bring your own laptop.
    • The project lab is unsupervised, therefore you are responsible for yourself!
    • To get electronic permission see information below.
  • Media Lab BB008
    • Open upon request to all students who work on a project or thesis that requires access to the lab.
    • To get electronic permission see information below.
  • Interaction & Computer Graphics Lab BB209
    • Open during regular lecture hours.
  • Internet Programming & Multimedia Lab BB108
    • Open during regular lecture hours.
  • Audio and Video Lab
    • Open upon request.
    • Contact: Norbert Weigand.

Other Laboratories for ME students:

  • Open during regular building hours:
    • WB.212 Unix/Windows Programming Lab
    • WB.201 Unix/Windows Programming Lab
      • Contact: Wolfgang Bergmann
    • Unix Lab in KA4
      • Contact: Rechenzentrum
    • KA.407 Multimedia Lab
      • Contact: Prof. Dr. Heinz Brünig

Student access to the Media Lab BB008 and BB202:

  • Access to lab BB008 is granted to students who work on a project or thesis that requires access to the lab. Access to room BB202 is granted to all B-ME students.
  • Access via transponder chip is only granted to the team leaders of a B-ME project group. They can get access by means of an electronic key that is stored on the transponder chip of the OhmCard.
  • To get an electronic access key you have to follow these steps:
    • All team members need to sign the laboratory rules.
    • The team leader fills out the ME laboratory access form:
    • The team leader receives the key permission form from the EFI sectretary Mrs Brückner that grants access to the lab.
      • With that permission form and your OhmCard get the electronic key in room KM111.
      • Access permissions expire at the end of the actual semester!
  • For questions about electronic keys please contact Mrs Ute Hirsch-Winter.

Laboratory staff can be found here:

  • BB106: Johannes Brendel, Daniel Baer, Norbert Weigand