Bachelor Thesis FAQ for ME Students

This FAQ may not reflect actual changes that have recently been announced by the “Studienkommision”. If in doubt, please consider the “Studienb├╝ro” as the authoritative information source.

Q When do I start my bachelor thesis?

The bachelor thesis can be started in the 6th semester earliest and needs to start 2 months after the begin of the 7th semester latest.

Q How many credit points do I need to start the bachelor thesis?

You need at least 50 credit points from the second term of your studies and the successful completion of the practical part of the internship.

Q Do I have to announce the bachelor thesis?

Yes, you need to fill out this form!

Q How long does it take?

Three months work time within a time period of 6 months after the official start!

Q Where can I get a proposal for a thesis?

Contact a Media-Engineering professor or advisor!

Q What is the best way to start?

Agree on a subject and a title with a Media-Engineering advisor early!

Q How do I organize and document my thesis work?

According to general rules of scientific publication standards. See also the EFI Standards for Scientific Publications and the EFI Thesis Guide Lines.

Q In which form do I have to submit my work?

In paper and electronic form as agreed upon with your advisor.

Q Do I have to present my thesis work?

Yes, please ask the secretary for an appointment in the thesis seminar.
You also need to listen to at least 4 other students presenting their thesis in the seminar.

Q And when my thesis is finished?

Well, congrats! Your studies are finished!
If you like, you are invited to provide a PDF of your thesis to be displayed on this wiki as an information resource for students coming after you.