Page Layout

Section headings start with a double !! as follows (markup on the left, result on the right):



Subsections are denoted with !!!, subsubsections with !!!! and so forth. Numbering of the sections is done automatically.

A question and answer section starts with Q: and A: markup as follows:

Q: Question?
A: Answer.

Q Question?


For pre-formatted verbatim text we enclose it in [@ @] markup. If we put the verbatim text on a new line between the markup, it will show up inside a frame with a fixed-width font. This is useful for inserting code snippets:

verbatim text
verbatim text

To override the default title of a page that is displayed at the top of each page we use the (:title name:) markup.

In the case that the side bar is not required, it can be disabled in a particular page by adding the (:noright:) markup. If we would like to disable the side bar for an entire group, we add the according markup to the GroupHeader of the group. In the case of this tutorial, the markup is placed in How2/GroupFooter. Since the markup is invisible, press Ctrl-e to see it in the editor.

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