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Groups and Pages

The wiki is organized as a flat hierarchy of groups. Each page belongs to a particular group. This page, for example, is a member of the How2 group and its page name is GroupsAndPages. The relative http address of the page is How2/GroupsAndPages.

To create a new page we just create a link to it from another page. To do so, we edit a page with the page actions button on the top right or simply press the corresponding accelerator key. With Firefox on MacOS X the accelerator key is Ctrl-e, with the Internet Explorer on Windows the accelerator key is Alt-e (see the accelerator keys on other browsers).

In the editor we may type plain text without the need to enter html tags. Text formatting is achieved with special markup phrases. To create a link we enclose the page name in double bracket markup, e.g. [[page]]. If a different text is chosen for the link, we use the variant [[page|text]]. To save the page we hit Ctrl-s (or Alt-s respectively). Entering the text “delete” will delete the page upon saving it.

If we added a link to a page and the page is a new one, the corresponding link will show up with a question mark. By clicking on the question mark, the editor will automatically open for that new page.

A link to a page may include spaces. These are removed to yield the corresponding page name to which the link refers to. The default title of the page is identical to the page name. It can be overidden with the (:title name:) markup.

A typical link example is the addition of keywords. While typing a text we may enclose certain keywords in double brackets and let the link point to a page in the Keywords group, which will provide a description of the keyword.

As an example, to mark the term CSS as a keyword, we enclose it in double brackets. The corresponding markup [[Keywords/CSS]] makes the word CSS appear as a link to the page CSS in the Keywords group. This way, all keywords are gathered and organized in a dedicated group. To list all the pages in that group we can use the following markup:

(:pagelist group=Keywords fmt=#title:)

To see that markup in action, click on the Keywords link.

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