Basic Editing

The text format of any wiki content is controlled by markup phrases. There is no need to enter html tags directly.

For italics text, we enclose the text in '' as in ''text''.
For bold text, we enclose the text in ''' as in '''text'''.

For subscript text we use '_subscript_' markup,
for superscript text we use '^superscript^' markup,
for small text we use [-small-] markup,
for big text we use [+big+] markup,
for bigger text we use [++bigger++] markup and
for deleted text we use {-deleted-} markup.

To indent a text section we add a -> at the start of the first line. If the markup is not placed at the line start, it translates to an arrow.

indented text with an →

A new line is forced with \\. The markup [[<<]] additionally clears floating content.

A horizontal rule is placed with ---- markup.

We can also add leading style attributes to a text. This is known as WikiStyles.

For example the color attribute %red% makes a text red until the appearance of %%.

As another example, the alignment attribute %center% makes a text appear centered.

For commenting out text we use:

(:comment uncommented text :)

Finally, to delete an entire page we edit it to contain the single word “delete”. Upon saving the page will be deleted.

For a complete list of available markup phrases see the MarkupMasterIndex page and the Basic Editing page of the PmWiki documentation.

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